Boots on the ground Alliance

About Antelope Valley Boots on the Ground Alliance

At Antelope Valley Boots on the Ground Alliance, we are passionate about honoring and supporting our veterans in the Antelope Valley region. We believe that the sacrifices they have made for our country deserve recognition, respect, and ongoing support. Our organization is dedicated to creating meaningful experiences, fostering camaraderie, and providing essential resources for veterans as they transition into civilian life.

Meet the AVBOGA Team

Our exceptional team at Antelope Valley Boots on the Ground Alliance is driven by a shared dedication to serving and honoring veterans. With diverse skills and a united purpose, we work passionately to create meaningful experiences and support successful transitions for our veterans. Together, we stand proud in our commitment to those who have selflessly served our nation.

Alejandro Castillo

Founder of AV BOGA, certified in Applied Positive Psychology, served in the Marine Corps for 6 years. Business owner and entrepreneur and have been employed in multiple non-profits in assisting Veterans with linkages in housing. Former Program Manager for Supportive Services for Veteran Families in the Antelope Valley.

Yvonne Moreno

Yvonne is an Antelope Valley native with several years of community integration experience in re-entry programs including Veteran services and non profits in the Antelope Valley and Surrounding areas. Currently a Program Manager of Veteran Services North Team at PATH. Previous Workforce Development Program Manager with JVS SoCal. Alumni for the City of Palmdale 1st cohort of certification in applied positive Psychology and founding member of the Antelope Valley Wellbeing Coalition.

Vicky Ventura

CEO of Antelope Valley Chamber of Commerce, founder of Ventura Foundation, and active participant in events such as the Av Taco Festival, Cesar Chavez day, and others to raise money for scholarships.

Doc David

Army Veteran, active in the Antelope Valley community, has done multiple fundraisers and is currently the president of the 1776 patriots of America.

Ruben Galindo

A Current mortgage lender, owner of Joshua tree properties, member of the Av chamber of commerce, and an Alumni of the City of Palmdale 1st cohort of certification in applied positive psychology

Angela Allen

A local realtor with 13 years of experience, a business owner. An event coordinator for the AV chambers of commerce, mother of 4, and Alumni for the City of Palmdale 1st cohort of certification in applied positive Psychology

Earl Potot

Army Veteran. Business owner of EBS Home improvement. Band Manager of “The OnCalls” and an active volunteer for Vets4veterans and other Veteran organizations.

Tiffany Coulston

Lifelong Antelope Valley community member, very passionate about getting involved with community resources through working with JVS-SoCal, youth@work, and currently a Program Manager with MHALA Military Resource Center where we assist Veterans with permanent housing.

Rick Valenzuela

Army infantry Veteran. Served in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2008. Currently the Assistant Program Manager for MHALA Military Resource Center, where he assists Veterans with permanent housing.

Victoria Garcia

A leader who is always on the lookout for ways to enhance skills, very dedicated with perseverance towards her community. A risk taker that in the end builds mutual trust and builds an alliance among community members and agency partners. Finally, an Alumni of the City of Palmdale 1st cohort of certification in applied positive psychology.

Veterans Appreciation Events

We organize special events such as veterans’ breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners, providing a platform for veterans to come together, share their stories, and build a strong sense of camaraderie.


Job Fairs and Career Workshops

We conduct job fairs and career workshops specifically tailored for veterans, connecting them with potential employers and offering valuable resources to support their successful transition into civilian careers.

Outdoor Activities

We organize outdoor activities, including hiking trips, camping retreats, and fishing expeditions, providing opportunities for veterans to relax, recreate, and bond with their fellow veterans in the beautiful Antelope Valley region.


Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops cover various topics relevant to veterans, such as financial planning, post-military education opportunities, and mental health resources. We empower veterans with knowledge and skills to thrive in their civilian lives.

Fundraising Events

We host fundraising events to support local veterans’ organizations and initiatives. These events not only raise funds but also raise awareness about the challenges veterans face and the importance of supporting them.

Community Outreach

Through partnerships with schools, businesses, and community organizations, we engage in community outreach to foster understanding and appreciation for veterans. We provide opportunities for veterans to share their experiences and educate others about their service.